Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bird nest cupcakes

About a month ago, I went out to our front porch to water my hanging plants.

As I pulled the plant down to water it, a bird flew out of the pot. I thought that was kind of strange, but didn't think twice about it until I saw what was nestled inside:

Even though I was a biology major in college, I had no idea what type of bird eggs these were, but I didn't care. They were so beautiful! The mama bird and I took very good care of this basket for the next few weeks. Then one day I found these:

Ummm... not as cute, but still God's creation! :) About a week or so later the birds were gone (they grow up so fast, eh?). This nest (plus a little help from Martha Stewart) inspired me to create my own bird's nest.

These are mini yellow buttermilk cupcakes with chocolate meringue buttercream frosting, topped with toasted coconut and vanilla jelly beans. I tried to find a jelly belly the color of the eggs I saw, but all I could find was teal blue or navy blue, so I decided to go with the white.

I like making mini cupcakes, less guilt! The recipes I used are from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book. As I write this I am watching "Cupcake Wars" on Food Network. I think cupcakes might be my new thing... uh, oh, how am I ever going to lose my baby weight???

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