Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Golden Book baby shower

My baby brother is having a baby!

I have a memory of his tiny little hand wrapping around my finger as I led him around the house, learning how to walk.  I was 5 or 6.  And now in a few months he'll have his own little life to care for and love!
I have the best sis-in-laws!

Book plates and basket set out for books
My other sis-in-law and I had a blast planning this shower (probably our last for a long while), and went with a Golden Book theme as our sis-in-law has a great love for reading.  We wanted people to bring a book in place of a card to help start off their baby's book collection.  It was so fun to see what books people brought, many of which had a personal connection or memory attached to them.

We got many of our printables and inspiration off of this and this website, and went to Etsy for the library card invite.

Cupcakes adorned with book decorations

We thought the perfect locale for the shower would be a local Bed and Breakfast called the Rivertown Inn.  They named and decorated each of their rooms and suites based on famous authors such as Jane Austin and Oscar Wilde.

The Rivertown Inn

Browning Suite

The food was perfect for a summer afternoon... light salads and sandwiches.  The cupcakes (this time NOT homemade) were a classic vanilla and lemon.

We played a few fun games: one was to test knowledge of the names of classic children's books, and the other was a fun interactive poem read out loud, giving directions on passing a small wrapped gift to the ladies who fit the description given.  Because a lot of the ladies didn't know eachother, this was a fun icebreaker.

My very creative and talented sis-in-law came up with the idea of doing a candy bar as a gift for the guests to take home.  We adorned the little bags with Golden Book stickers and then they got filled with blue and yellow classic candies to take home.
Candy Bar

A banner was fabricated very easily out of old Golden Book pages.
Gift table

Antique and vintage toys decorated the space.

I had so much fun celebrating the upcoming new life to join our family!

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