Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello, Dolly!

I couldn't help but notice the lack of girl toys in my house one day when a girlfriend and her kids were over. Her daughter was wandering around our house looking for something to do while all the boys were chasing each other with light sabers. I got out some pop beads that were given to us a few years ago and she spent her time making necklaces, bracelets and anklets. I think she ended up having a good time!

So I started looking twice at girl toys next time I stopped at a garage sale. I picked up a few things here and there, telling myself I would not buy anything new, just used. But then the Target trap got me. I was minding my own business checking things off my list when I just happened to notice an end cap with very cute little dolls ON SALE. I wanted one. She even came with a little stroller! And a little jacket, little booties, and a pink nuk! I wasn't paying full price so somehow that was enough to convince me to buy it.

I brought our new member of the family home and the boys were really excited to unpack her and get her all put together. But the second I did they decided to have drag races with her around the house. Who could give her the fastest, most intense stroller ride of her life? The race was on! They even decided to put a sand bucket over her head (because that would make the ride more exciting?). But what came next I wasn't ready for...

My 4-year-old flipped her upside-down and started slamming her head against the floor, over and over and over and over... I had to intervene. After all, she is the closest thing I have to a daughter.

I'm not completely foreign to boys, I grew up with two brothers. But I didn't expect this. I think it hurt me more than it hurt her. Why did he do that? I know boys are more kinesthetic and less relational, so that's probably how he saw this new doll, perhaps thinking, "what can she do? What can I do to her?" rather than, "what will my relationship be with this doll?". I told my mom about this and after a good laugh she asked if he took her clothes off yet. I frowned and said "no". Maybe that's next, but at least I'll be ready!

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