Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alien Cookies

Did you cry at Toy Story 3?

I did.

My oldest is only 7 and I'm already thinking about how sad it's going to be to say goodbye to him when he decides to leave the nest.
So when Andy's mom walks into his room after he's packed for college and says, "oh, Andy...", I almost lost it. My two oldest boys were sitting next to me, and I'm so glad it was dark in that theater...

On a much brighter side, I couldn't get enough of those cute, little aliens.

"The claw..."

We were getting together with some of my old high school friends and all of their kids, so I thought I'd make some alien cookies the weekend after the movie opened.

I used coconut M&M's for the eyes (amazing if you can find them!)
and Laffy Taffy for the ears. I soaked the wrapped taffy in hot water for a few minutes,
then rolled it out with a rolling pin to get it thin enough to cut. I discovered a little bit of flour keeps the taffy from sticking to everything. I used a cookie cutter to cut out the ears.

The cookies seemed to go over well, and I'm reminded to enjoy my kids as much as I can now!

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