Friday, May 20, 2011

Egg Cake Pops

I was a little embarrassed to title this post "Easter Egg Cake Pops" since Easter is long gone, but I really wanted to share my latest cake pop creation...

So you've probably seen my cake pops before.

These are different... there's a little surprise inside! First I must say I was a little inspired by Amanda over at I Am Baker, since she is the master at putting surprises inside her cakes! My surprise was on a much smaller (and predictable!) scale.

My mom asked me if I would be willing to make a treat for Easter lunch and I thought it'd be fun for the kids to enjoy some cake pops. Being the super "creative" person I am, I decided to make eggs! :)

But I wanted them to be as realistic as possible, without the cake tasting like eggs (ewww...), so I added a yellow yolk inside.

And because I can never stop at "simple" or "easy", I decided to go with a lemon flavored egg yolk, with a vanilla flavored egg white.

It actually turned out pretty easy to make. Have you ever had a "juicy lucy" burger? If you haven't, let me first tell you how AMAZING they are. And if you have, you know that they hide a little block of cheesy goodness inside the hamburger patty before they cook it on the grill. So that's basically what I did. I had to chill my yolks first so they'd hold they're shape, and then chill the egg again once it was formed.

And then I got to have fun decorating! And eating...

Hope you, um, had a nice Easter... (you could always try these next year!)


  1. You're amazing!!! I can't believe how detailed they are!

  2. LOVE the idea for the egg cake pops; sadly I only have have chocolate cake, so maybe next year! I also have a kind of odd question for you...I see that you're from Minnesota, and I was curious if you used to attend Woodland Hills Church? I cam across this post from googling 'easter egg cake pops' and then saw your profile picture for your blog, and you look sooooo farmiliar! I had a small group leader named Andrea and you look just like her (I think; though it has been quite a few years so my memory could be a little rusty). Anyways, I do LOVE your blog and all the posts about all of your fun creatinos!! :-)