Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Cake

Happy 4th of July, everyone! To honor this holiday (keeping my deployed sister-in-law in mind as well), I made a cake. I can take no credit for the cake, however, as I completely copied it from another blogger I am addicted to (iambaker), who was inspired by yet another blogger (17andbaking). Don't you love blogging? I do! Before you see the cake, please read my disclaimer: I am a novice cake baker/decorator. I also happen to be somewhat of a perfectionist. So of course I found many flaws during and after the creation of the cake. But I still had a lot of fun, especially trying a technique I've never done before. AND I know what I'll try next time.

And here's a picture of a slice (I accidently got the stripes wrong: white, red, red, white, red, white). Hahaha... oops!

I had some extra cake batter, so I tried my hand at some cupcakes:

We all got to enjoy a local parade as well. I believe it is my first ever 4th of July parade!

Let's remember those who sacrifice every day (including those who came before us) so that we can have freedom!


  1. That's awesome!! I was thinking oh big deal on the first picture and then saw the inside....AWESOME!!! hahahha!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Way to go. :)

  3. I am so impressed with that cake! Only problem is that I want a slice...and you are too far away.