Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Drive-In

Summers in Minnesota are short-lived. Minnesotans are REALLY good at making the most of their short summer by packing it full of fun and memorable activities. One of my favorite summer memories from my childhood was going to the drive-in movie theater. I remember going in our PJ's, bringing blankets, sleeping bags, and homemade popcorn, and camping out on the roof of our old station wagon to watch the movie.

One summer, for some reason we didn't have enough money for all of us to get in to the theater. I think maybe my dad forgot to bring enough cash (or he was just being "frugal"). So he had all of us kids hide in the back of the car, on the floor in the dark as we paid to enter the theater. Sorry for "outing" you, Mom and Dad! It's funny the things we remember as kids... the good AND the naughty. Makes me a little nervous for what my little ones will remember about me when they get older. Of course, we all felt like we were in a movie ourselves, a spy movie perhaps, by sneaking around like that.

My husband and I have talked now for two years about recreating a drive-in outdoor movie experience on our lawn (without the cars of course). A big movie screen, blankets and chairs, and lots of popcorn and candy. Well, we finally did it!

And thanks to some of my dear high school friends and their families for joining us on our premiere night while we watched "The Fantastic Mr. Fox".

We had popcorn, candy, and glow sticks for the kids.

The master technician (my hubby):

Besides the mosquitos, it was a perfect evening! And we WILL do it again!