Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Want to know what happened 2 days after my last post?

I had a baby. That's right, on 11/11/11! They say that brings good luck. Not sure if I believe in luck, but she sure is a sweet little thing. And luck is very well what she may need, with 3 older brothers competing for her attention, and basically wanting to wrestle with her already!

So, these last few months I've been adjusting to life as a homeschooling mom with 4 kids. It's taken me awhile to feel normal again (and my husband would interject here, saying I'm not quite normal yet). Normal enough. To do laundry, put food on the table, and not live in absolute filth anymore. Just partial filth. But anyway....

I wanted to share some pictures of my daughter's nursery. Being able to shift my focus from airplanes, Star Wars, and sports to dolls, flowers, and PINK has been very fun for me. I feel so blessed to have a daughter now. Never thought it would happen even though I secretly wished it would for years. Now she's here. And I can't get enough of her!!

I never thought of myself as being very feminine, but I latched onto the shabby chic theme, tying in vintage toys and Dick and Jane. A lot of these items I've had for years, but just haven't been able to find a home for them. Like these Dick and Jane prints from a small calendar. I framed them with inexpensive white frames from Ikea.

And this painting my sister painted me for my graduation. I was kind of waiting to have a daughter so I could put it up in her room, and 8 years later I got to do it! Thanks, Cari!

And of course, Raggedy Ann is a classic! This was a gift from my mom, fully supporting my vintage toy obsession.

I also become quite obsessed with pinwheels. I learned how to make them, and I can include a tutorial in a future post as they are really easy to make. I tried to find vintage style shabby chic papers that matched the bedding. I then incorporated these papers throughout the nursery, from her letters on the wall, to the pendant hanging in the corner. Fun!

Oh, and then I took it a step further and created a pinwheel mobile to hang above the crib. Didn't know if Norah would like it, because it didn't play pretty music. But then my heart melted the first time she looked up at the spinning pinwheels on her mobile and grinned ear to ear. She likes it!

This shabby chic frame from Craig's List was perfect for framing the chalkboard I painted in this room a few years ago. Had to hang some vintage Barbie dresses on a clothes line. This sits right above Norah's changing table, and her favorite is the blue dress. :)

More shabby chic...

Now that we've got her room down, I wonder when she'll be able to bake with me!

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  1. So fun to see her! She for sure looks like a Boardman. Cute room1