Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spaghetti for dessert?!? April Fool's!

If you don't have any tricks up your sleeve for April Fool's Day yet, have spaghetti for dessert!

Bake up some cupcakes (these are Martha Stewart's lemon cupcakes), then pipe some frosting on with a #5 tip if using a pastry bag to look like spaghetti. I added a little bit of cocoa powder and lemon food coloring to my frosting for the right color of cooked spaghetti.

Did I mention this idea came from Hello, Cupcake!, a cupcake cookbook with fun ideas? I got it for my birthday from my awesome sis-in-law.

Unwrap some Ferrero Rocher and mix them with 3/4 cup low sugar strawberry preserves (the low sugar has the closest color to spaghetti sauce).

Next, spoon a little bit of preserves on each cupcake, then plop the meatball on. If you prefer parmesan on your spaghetti, use a zester to grate some white chocolate on top.

Then watch your kids' (or other loved one's) expression as they are given spaghetti for dessert!

Didn't take him long to warm up to this plate of baked goodness!

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  1. totally forgot it was April Fools today. What a bummer. I wanted to play a joke on the kids. Great idea Andrea!!