Friday, March 16, 2012

Ice cream cones in winter

Wanna know what I miss? Baking!! Easing back into it, as I've a few pounds to lose, but I can't stay away, so I won't. It's a love of mine: to create something beautiful, delicious, and fun out of normal ingredients and objects. To not only look at a final product, but to taste it too, and to give it to those I care about. That's the best part.

So, what do you do when God gives you 70 degree weather in March in Minnesota??

Make ice cream cone pops!

These are a lot easier to make than they look. Head over to Bakerella for basic cake pop instructions (it's super easy). Then place your cake pops ontop of ice cream cones that have been cut down to a smaller size. Use a serrated knife and saw back and forth gently.

I made chocolate cones, but you could experiment with vanilla, strawberry, chocolate chip (add mini chocolate chips), or even lemon!

Once you dip your pops into the melted candy coating, use a lollipop stick to place it onto your cone. Don't worry about leaving a hole at the top because you'll cover it up with the "cherry"! The candy melts will naturally drip a little bit down the sides, which makes it look authentic.

While the candy coating is still wet, sprinkle a few decorations on top.

Then when the coating dries, add some dark chocolate candy coating to the top and place a pretzel M&M on top.

And voila! Your cones are done and ready to be enjoyed!

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  1. Those look awesome! Glad your finding time to do some baking. =)