Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween cupcakes (with fondant!)

I know Halloween has long been forgotten by now, as I peruse through the stores and see nothing but Christmas decorations and gift items.

But I still wanted to share my creations from Halloween night, as it was my very first experience with fondant!

I've wanted to work with fondant for a while now, as I've seen beautiful things done with it. I've just heard it tastes gross. But I did hear that there was a fondant out there that didn't taste so bad...

I love Duff!

They were right about his fondant, it had a mild vanilla flavor to it, not bad at all!! Fondant is super easy to work with. I dusted my counter with powdered sugar while I rolled it out and cut it into discs for the ghosts. I then draped the discs over an unwrapped sucker, and gently created folds in the fondant to make them look like ghosts.

I stuck the suckers in chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and added mini chocolate chip eyes.... super easy!!

By the way, saw this idea in October's Food Network magazine, if you want to see how the professionals made these! Maybe you could try them next Halloween... they probably wouldn't go over so well at the Thanksgiving table!

Oh, one advantage to homeschooling: you can do school in your Halloween costume!

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