Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Airplane Birthday Party

I have 3 boys. My third son is the first to show any interest in "typical" boy things: balls, trucks, cars, planes...

So I was looking forward to doing something a little different for this birthday party (no Lego's and no Star Wars... yeah!)

We kept things pretty simple and chose ONE thing to focus on: airplanes! (or as my 2-year-old says, "apane!")

I got out the vintage airplane mobile I've had for years and hung it from our kitchen table chandelier (you can see a few of the planes in this picture...).

I then combined my love for decorating cookies and baking cupcakes. Why not "fly" an airplane cookie over a cupcake with "cloud frosting"? And the paper cupcake holders are supposed to be the sky. Get it?

Hmmm..... I think he liked it! Happy 2nd birthday to our "baby"!

1 comment:

  1. we did airplanes too. Your stuff looks way cuter!