Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bake Club - Poppy-seed Danishes

We have Martha Stewart to thank for this special spring treat: Poppy-seed Danishes with Cherry-Cream Cheese Filling.

Ok, they look like they'd be difficult to make. But it was actually pretty easy and fun! (that also might have something to do with the good company I was in!).

Here's a LINK to the recipe (because let's face it, her recipes are usually pages long)

This recipe is also found in her May 2011 magazine, pg. 174.


1. Let the dough rise

2. Roll out the dough

3. Find a *clean* ruler to measure 9 squares (you type "A" people will love this part)

4. Cut along the corners to create the "pedals"

5. Spread on the love (aka poppy-seed cream cheese and cherry preserves!)

6. Fold corners over, brush with egg yolk, and bake!

7. Drizzle with frosting

8. EAT and ENJOY

I am sad to say we did not get a group photo this time with our creations. We were a little, um, busy. Eating. And talking. It's what we baking-type do best!

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