Monday, November 7, 2011

State Fair Cake Pops

A good friend of mine was helping plan a bridal shower this late summer with a MN state fair theme (how fun!!). She asked if I could help her make some cake pops (aka food on a stick!). Of course I said "yes"... can't say no to cake pop making!

She decided on watermelons and popcorn. To make the popcorn, we followed Bakerella's recipe and scored mini marshmallows into four "chunks" to look like popcorn kernals, and then formed little striped boxes with our edible ink markers.

And because I am a mom of three boys, I accidently on purpose mispelled "pop" for the cake pops they were going to get later. (you moms of boys out there know what I'm talking about!).... right?....

The watermelons were super fun to make. We added mini chocolate chips for the seeds and dipped the cake balls into white first, then green to give them that authentic watermelon look. Then we took the advice of a Bakerella fan and "painted" edible glitter stripes in lime green along the outside shell to look like a real watermelon.

The shower was a success, didn't she do a great job at displaying our creations?

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