Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We LOVE Lego's!

With three boys at home, Lego's are a part of the family. They live in every room of our house. They join us at the dinner table (when I am not paying attention), they sleep with us, play with us, and challenge our minds (...and patience when stepped on).

With boys I expected Lego's to be a part of their development. What I didn't expect: MY recent obsession with Lego's. Ok, I'm being very vulnerable here admitting my love of Lego's...When I told my husband about a Lego set that I want to buy for myself he said, "that's not nerdy at all".


The obsession began with this set:

The Prince of Persia castle. Levi got it for his birthday and it took everything in me to not take over and let him do it all. This is his first non-Star Wars set, so I think that's why I found it so exciting. Plus it has really cool windows, staircases, palm branches, and GOLD pieces!

I loved putting things together as a child, but being a girl it was usually something for my barbies. A new toaster for the kitchen, a radio for the family room... and usually it was made out of cardboard. Cardboard I'd get from my dad's pressed shirts fresh from the dry cleaners. I'd steal the cardboard right out of his nicely folded shirts, ready for my next creation. I'd cut tiny little realistic pieces out and form them together to create whatever I wanted, using tape or glue to hold it all together. I believe my dad still has one of my creations in his office... a briefcase? I don't remember.

This fall we got a little creative with the outside chalk. We don't have a paved driveway, so there are very few places we can draw on. Can you tell what we were thinking about that day?

I'm afraid the Lego's are here to stay! Oh, and by the way, here's a Lego cake I made for Levi's 6th birthday that you can kind of see in this video. I do remember taking pictures of it, but for some reason cannot find them. For now, you'll have to endure our singing if you want to "kind of" see the cake!

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