Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

One of my favorite holiday traditions was decorating Christmas cookies at my parent's house growing up. Our gingerbread man tradition didn't start until we were a bit older, but we embraced it fully.

My mom would cut out a bunch of gingerbread men and we would each decorate a few to reflect what our year looked like. When my sister got married, we did a bride and groom. When I studied in Australia, I did a scuba diver. When I got my master's at St. Kate's, I did a nun. It was fun and gives us a chance to reflect on the momentous events in our lives thus far when we see them (yes, my mom still displays them on her kitchen windowsill every year!). I will add a picture to this post next time I go over there.

Fond memories vs. current reality... check out this cookie my 4-year-old made:

This is "diarrhea man". Sigh. What is my boys' obsession with body parts and excretions all about?!

Some more creations:

Mmmmm.... sugar.... I'm not sure what this cookie started off as... maybe you can guess.

Who needs a dog when you have a 1-year-old to clean up the floor?

A fun part of decorating cookies this year was sharing the experience with a friend of mine.

Check out her adorable mittens! Here's the before picture:

And after!

I hope you enjoy the fullness of your own holiday traditions this season!


  1. These look awesome. Will you send the recipe?

  2. I am laughing at Ian's cookie and the "diarrhea"! :)

  3. Here's a link for the recipe I used for the cookies. It's from Bake at 350 blog.
    I liked this recipe better than the Martha Stewart one I've used in past years. LOVE the almond extract in it.

  4. Oh Andrea - I love it! The cookies are beautiful and even Ian's shows amazing creative promise:)