Friday, September 17, 2010

Hawaiian wedding

A lady that used to nanny our children while I was in school got married last month. When I saw the Hawaiian style invitation, I was very curious to see what the wedding was going to be like. My two oldest were invited to be junior groomsmen, too, so they got to sport Hawaiian shirts and shorts (and sandals!). No tuxes were seen at this wedding!

Children are very important to the bride, so she had the closest ones to her part of the ceremony. The wedding/reception was very kid-friendly. The groom is a talented musician and belongs to a guitar group, so the guitarists and children (junior bridesmaids/groomsmen) walked down the aisle together. The wedding was outdoors, in true Hawaiian fashion!

It was a HOT day, but luckily they made fans out of the programs by gluing handles to each program. It was fun to go to a themed wedding like this, and I especially liked looking at the beautiful cake and cupcakes. Unfortunately I did not get the name of the lady that decorated these, but here's a few pics:

All the decorations were made of fondant. How fun! I've never touched fondant, but I want to more than ever now! Didn't she do a great job? Seeing these brought back memories of my honeymoon in Tahiti. We saw these "tiki" statues everywhere. Some of them were supposedly "fertility statues". If that's true, I think it worked pretty well for us... too much information? Let's move on...

I grabbed one of these cupcakes. They were carrot cakes with brown sugar on top (sand). The shells were white chocolate, which she painted with edible glimmer dust/paint I believe. Yum!

Outside of the building where the reception took place were some very old (but sturdy!) playground pieces. I haven't seen playground equipment like this since I was a girl. I think they've been torn out of every park near us in the cities (did I mention we were in the sticks of southern Minnesota?!). The boys enjoyed playing on them to keep themselves occupied in-between events, and I enjoyed seeing how goofy they can get!

Ho'omaika'i 'Ana, Ben and Karin!

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